Hands-on, step-by-step guidance into your Macrobiotic Lifestyle with patient and caring teacher who will encourage and support your efforts until you realise your goals.  Ultimately striving to uncover the real YOU, mentally, physically & spiritually.

If you love life then naturally you’ll want to give yourself every opportunity to enjoy it for as long as possible and in the best of health, so don’t wait until you have a health or weight issue before taking a responsible and enjoyable look at how you can help keep yourself in optimum condition and at the same time open your mind to some age-old foods and cooking methods that are not only healthy but fun and simple to make.  If you’re already thinking “uh oh, this sounds time consuming” then read on, as I firmly believe this is the quickest and most effective way of cooking I have encountered that will still provide us with everything our amazing bodies need to stay in tip top condition.

Women in peace

I believe every student or person, embarking on leaving home and fending for themselves should be taught the art of Macrobiotic Cooking, because it can be done on 2 rings and takes around 30 mins to produce food for a whole day that is delicious, sustaining and nutritious.


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